It’s Just that Easy

easy1I give you a recipe
Give me a person, male or female,Then this person is
devoid of Arrogance (open to things as it comes and gives it a thought),
devoid of Ego (One Example, The person has an idea, or even most benevolent (which is also an idea) but that doesn’t make him/her feel like ‘I am great’, opposite of which is humbleness),
devoid of Possessive attitude (does not have the attitude like ‘This is ‘ours’ that is ‘yours” so whatever you say does not matter, I am not going to accept’),
devoid of Materialism (willing to cut his/her desire of extravagance lifestyle),
Be he/she is an
Believe in Nature, Force, Energy, ‘Something out there’
Sincerely Religious with Consciousness of his/her Creator, overall thoughtful minded, be he/she a Buddhist, Hindu, Christian, Jew or belong to any other religion.
And then I will give him ‘Islam’ as a dish on his/her plate (please don’t feel like I am challenging you or insulting your intellect. What I mean is, with logic, rationality, scientific means I will walk you through a path that was unknown to you or just you did not think that way, or just you did not have these information)
and after that if his/her Creator wills, he/she will accept Islam.
It is just that easy!