A nation, in a deep drunken state of mind

# Then if you know an ENTIRE nation reading, memorizing and learning Quran without understanding it and that also doing for generations after generations, what you call these people? - They are dead. # I agree with you. But in reality they are not. - I am lost man. I have no way to comprehend a longer drunken state, I only knew drunken state is short term. I can't take it anymore. # I know, I can understand how you feeling. It's not comprehensible in a general standard. But in Islam we have ways to describe and accommodate these situations.

It’s Just that Easy

I give you a recipe Give me a person, male or female, Be he/she is an Atheist Agnostic Believe in Nature, Force, Energy, Something out there Sincerely Religious with Consciousness of his/her Creator, overall thoughtful minded, be he/she a Buddhist, Hindu, Christian, Jew or belong to any other religion.