The solution to all corruption on earth is ONE

Facts and Observations: You bought a machine and it has a manual from the manufacturer describing (1) the ingredients or the material it is made of, (2) it has instructions for how to use it, (3) it has warning what not to do with it (4) and then it has instructions how to fix it …


O Muslim! What makes you ‘out of Islam’? ‘Democracy!’

HOW DOES IT WORK?: People choose a few representatives among themselves to exercise that authority and then those representatives make laws, legislation, regulations, systems and guidelines for the people.

A nation, in a deep drunken state of mind

# Then if you know an ENTIRE nation reading, memorizing and learning Quran without understanding it and that also doing for generations after generations, what you call these people? - They are dead. # I agree with you. But in reality they are not. - I am lost man. I have no way to comprehend a longer drunken state, I only knew drunken state is short term. I can't take it anymore. # I know, I can understand how you feeling. It's not comprehensible in a general standard. But in Islam we have ways to describe and accommodate these situations.

It’s Just that Easy

I give you a recipe Give me a person, male or female, Be he/she is an Atheist Agnostic Believe in Nature, Force, Energy, Something out there Sincerely Religious with Consciousness of his/her Creator, overall thoughtful minded, be he/she a Buddhist, Hindu, Christian, Jew or belong to any other religion.